Home Makeover: Modern Mugwump Edition

Did a little makeover to my living room this weekend, courtesy of nice-guy-who-didn’t-turn-out-to-be-an-ax-murderer who was selling an IKEA television stand that just happens to be, like, the missing piece from my collection. Seriously, so perfect.

I know I just moved in a few months ago, so you are probably wondering why I felt the need to rearrange.  When you figure out that answer, let me know because sometimes I really would love to just leave things as they are, omigod stop MOVING AND CHANGING EVERYTHING. Creative minds cannot be contained (see: selling my art, running a marathon, inventing “dream life scenarios” that mirror every single real life scenario I have, but flashier) and thus the furniture got all shifted around.

Before: messy and cavernous. Way too large for Cat and I.

After: messy still, because I live here (duh.).

Photos are a little hard to get the whole gist, but simply: one huge room is now 2 functional spaces. Move. The. Eff. Over. Martha Stewart. Eat my zen furniture dust (and boy was it dusty under that couch! whew). 
Unfortunately, Cat was a bit skeptical of the changes for a while.  I am not totally sure why but I can guess a few reasons:
1. He cannot both chew on the blinds and get his claws stuck in the couch at the same time.  
2. I spend more time in the seating area, but I put his toy den in the other half. He may think this is foolish oversight on my part, but I can assure you I am happy to have the stupid mouse with the freakish light up eyes somewhere where I don’t watch scary movies. 
Anyway, he spent most of the day “hiding” from me.  He’s real stealthy, see? 

But it didn’t take him long to get back to his ol’ self.

And he even warmed right up (literally) to the sunshiney place his perch is in.


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