An Open Letter to An Open-Minded Manager

{As some of you may or may not know, I have been working as a full-time temporary employee for the last 16 months (read: no vacation, no sick time, no employer-sponsored health or dental coverage, no contribution to a retirement plan, no security).  While I love what I do, passion is not enough to pay student loans and eat.

In the next few weeks, as the grant monies that fund my position slowly get spent away, I will be let go.  I have been searching and applying for new work with an increased fervor in the last month, but with little results.  It’s a tough market out there, folks. 

I have not been offered a position or hired yet, but someday someone will call.  This is a letter to that someone who takes a chance and says “We would be delighted if you would join our team.”}

Dear Hiring Manager,

Congratulations, today you have made an excellent decision for the progress of your organization! Today, you took a chance and you hired me.  And I promise to make that a decision you can be happy with for a very long time.

You recognized that my varied interests and experiences translate into a fresh and adaptable young employee. You saw that I can (and do!) become passionate about everything I do, and you have offered me an environment that encourages my creativity and gently guides my growth. As much as I tried to remain calm and graceful in the interview, my chattiness certainly overshadowed whatever poise I had intended to present to you. Thank you for recognizing that as a strength of a strong and open communicator who loves nothing more than to share information in a novel way, to give large and engaging presentations, to meet with colleagues or stakeholders and have honest and meaningful discussion.

I cannot express to you my excitement to join your team.  The road from graduate school to a professional career has been a bit tumultuous over the last couple of years. Turns out, the years that are “great to be a student” really stink to be a recent graduate… but I am excited to be released of the burden that uncertainty can cause so that I can really focus on my work.  I am excited to create quality work for this organization and develop tools and products that can be shared so that others may learn from what we do.  I am excited to learn from others; in the workplace, in the industry, in the community. I am excited to be a positive force in my workplace– someone who thinks and speaks highly of others, someone who expresses gratitude to those around me, and someone who occasionally tells a lively and engaging story or two! I am excited that you and your organization have committed to me and my professional growth. I intend to commit to this organization and this work in the same way.

I am dedicated to this position and this organization.

I am motivated to create positive change in my community and that will be reflected in any work I do.

I am ready to face each challenge with a balance of professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm that cannot be learned in any program– it is unique to me.

I may never know what it was about my application or my interview that made you take a second look or made you say, “Let’s give her a call.” All I know is that on the first day that I enter the office, I am going to bring with me a passion and work ethic that makes you feel certain you have made the right choice.  And a plant; I am going to bring with me a plant.

Thank you, again, for the opportunity. 



P.S. See you Monday!


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