Adventures in Unemployment: Day 1- The “Gimme” Day

Day 1 of unemployment was supposed to be a “gimme” day– the one day I allowed myself to wallow and feel sorry for myself, watch TV, hang out in my sweats.

Turns out, that didn’t really happen.

I ended up deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, filing for unemployment insurance (Reason #2673 paying taxes rocks), researching some jobs to apply for, and some other odds’n’ends around the house.  I was busy.

To be fair, I did watch the entire Today Show, and even attempted to dabble through daytime TV but there is only so much Judge Judy and Maury Povich one person can take.  And for me, that limit is zero.

The funniest thing probably, is that Monday was the only day that the “Rules of Unemployment” were lifted. One of my rules is: Awake, functioning and showered by 8AM. Every day. No matter what.  Well, Monday I finally hit the shower at around 4:45 and during that time someone from the U of M called to offer me a job interview! Can’t believe I missed that call… We did end up getting connected and– brace yourself– I have a job interview on November 4. Excellent.

Overall, I loved Day 1 of unemployment more than any broke, jobless, 20-something has a right to. It doesn’t negate that I am really excited to go back to work soon and contribute to good projects, but my mental health may be improving after a break.

Or maybe it was because I had an entire pot of coffee in the morning…


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