Adventures in Unemployment: Day 2- A Day of Freedom!

On Day 2 I had an 8 AM doctor’s appointment re: the broken leg in Bloomington.  Obviously scheduled when I thought I would need to go to work right after the appointment. Oh well, this was the perfect thrust into the “showered and functioning” rule.

The Broken Leg Update: The current x-ray showed some “apparent feathering of the bone” which looks like the edge of a feather, but instead of being on the outside of the bone like you might expect, it is feathering into the middle of the bone.*  Really odd looking. Anyhow, the doctor said we are “so lucky” we caught it early. It could have actually fractured much more severely, I guess. To be fair, I didn’t really feel all that lucky when I was sobbing in my boyfriend’s car on the way to the ER where they punctured my leg with a needle the size of a shower rod. But that’s just me.
The good news? No more crutches! Sweet freedom! Now just 4-6 weeks of PT, maybe an MRI since there could be some soft tissue damage (kids, running a marathon is bad for your health. But you should do it anyway). They are going to do a running evaluation in 4 weeks to see if I am ready to run miles mile on the open road treadmill. In the meantime, I can swim and bike in the controlled environment of the gym. Thank goodness, because going from marathon training to not working out at all is brutal. 
Other notable activities from Day 2 include: visiting Grandma for a few hours while she house-sits for my parents, a grocery shopping trip, learning to saute carnival squash, and some red wine. 
Another good day.
*Ha! I Googled ‘feathering bone’ and found it is common in the legs and hooves of horses. Awesome. 

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