Adventures in Unemployment: Day 8– Seeing the Personal Trainer OR Death by a Tiny Latina in Gym Shorts

So, I belong to Lifetime Fitness and even though I really didn’t want to like Lifetime because they are fancy schmancy, the truth is I really like my gym. Like, really really.

One of the great things about Lifetime is that you earn these reward bucks (LTBucks) for being a member for so long, referring a new member, etc. And you can redeem these for various products or services at the gym.  I had recently earned 100 LTBucks and since I have been nearly sedentary since running the marathon, I decided to whip myself back into shape by using my reward to see a personal trainer.
And so today I met a 5’2″, 98 pound Latina and she kicked my ass all over the gym. We lifted, and pushed up, and lunged, and lifted again, and then twisted and stepped and on and on and on… ugh. 50 minutes later I hardly had the strength to turn the car key. Her favorite phrases were “Oh yeah, you’re gonna be sore,” “It’s okay if you hate me, but you’re gonna look good doin’ it,” and “Okay, do that whole circuit again.”
My favorite part is that we didn’t do very many things that were a lot of additional weights.  Some ladies, like myself, are built with shoulders and rib cages that were obviously designed for men. The last thing I want to do is add a bunch of bulky muscle to my linebacker shoulders.  And in case you haven’t seen a marathoners thighs before, I can attest that those need no additional bulk either.  
So, of course, I am signed up to see her again next week.  And I am sure it will be 50 more minutes of torture. I am just hoping next week, if I sneeze in the shower, my abs don’t seize up in a fit of pain. One can hope. 

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