Adventures in Unemployment: Day 10-I Have Totally Lost Count

What other thing have I not done well during unemployment?


Dear me, I can’t even get online and write a little ditty about what I have been up to. Yikes.

So tomorrow is the beginning of Week 4. Weeks 1 & 2 were productive with one major meltdown. Week 1 was actually mostly like this:

This is from Hyperbole and a Half. The author is hilarious. Click the illustration to check out her blog.

One time, in Week 2, I had a cupcake for breakfast. Viva Adulthood! Week 2 also came with an interview. Week 3 was an overall boring existence with a smattering of goodness.

There has been a lot of coffee drinking. A plethora of working out (more on my first experience doing yoga later). Creative ways to search for jobs. Some one-woman dance parties. Some website building (and tearing down and building again). Some letter writing to elected officials. An unusually high amount of dish washing (see Week 1).

What is ahead for Week 4? Well, some applying for jobs. A “Reemployment Assessment,” a mandatory activity if one is interested in continuing to receive unemployment insurance from our fine state. Some time with friends and family. Yoga class. Physical therapy for the stress-fractured leg. Reading, because everyone has given me a book to read and I feel compelled to readthemallrightnowturneverypageneversleep. And I should probably blog. Seriously.



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