Last year, through Twitter, I stumbled upon this very neat blogging trend called Reverb10. I guess I don’t really know how to adequately describe it, other than each day of December the creators of the project would email a daily prompt and over 6,000 bloggers would write their response and (if they wanted) would link to their blog on Twitter or other writers’ blogs. The questions/prompts really had us all focusing on how our year went, what we were grateful for, what we are hopeful for in the coming year, and so on. It was an awesome way to recap and really think about what happened in the previous year.

Still curious? Read my Reverb10 posts.

I was a bit heartbroken when one of the creators emailed all of us subscribers just this week to say they wouldn’t be providing prompts this year and it would be up to the creative minds of the blogging world to come up with their own.

The number one problem with this idea, for me, is this: I am a storyteller, not an interviewer. I come up with lame questions, but crazy good answers. So I wasn’t interested in creating my own prompts. I create all my own prompts for every other blog of the year. I want to be challenged.

So, I went back to where it all began, Twitter, and put out a little ditty that I was bummed about the recent Reverb news, and since tomorrow is December 1 the project should be starting.

And then the floodgates opened.

Turns out, tons of people are interviewers and they have come up with a bunch of questions for the storytellers out there to wax on about for a month. And while I normally would say ‘beggars can’t be choosers,’ we’re gonna have to be because there are so many people creating prompts that I cannot possibly answer every single one. I haven’t decided if I will answer from a single set, or shop around. The pro of using a single set is it challenges you to write about things you normally wouldn’t or haven’t even really thought about. The pro of shopping around is there are a lot of creative question writers.

Here are just a few of the places that have listed their prompts:

If you ever thought about starting a blog, this is a great way to get started. Also, I know some friends who wanted to do it, but they didn’t want to make it “internet public” so they emailed each other their responses instead. What a cool way to get to know new things about old friends.

So, get ready friends, because starting tomorrow: 31 days of reflecting on the year that has passed and manifesting a year to come!


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