Reverb 11: Day 1

Today’s prompt is from Kaileen Elise, one of last year’s Reverb10 co-creators. It’s a great, simple start into the Reverb project. 

Where did 2011 begin? 

There’s a short, simple answer to this: The moment the clock turned from December 31, 2010 to January 1, 2011 in Minneapolis I was ‘in a celebratory way’ in a friend’s second-floor apartment in Uptown. I am pretty sure Lady Gaga was blasting through the speakers (I was probably singing along, unembarrassed), and I spilled champagne on my socks.

In many ways, the literal ‘where’ is so important to me. I was heartbroken to move away from my own Uptown apartment during the summer of 2010 and moreso to move away from some of the most fabulous women in my life. We celebrate a million things, big and small: birthdays, holidays, new relationships, break ups that had to happen, finishing a term paper, acing an exam, Tuesdays. We loved to be happy and we loved to make a big to-do over even the smallest things that made us happy. So Uptown feels like a celebration to me.

Less literally, 2011 began in a place of great hope for me. I was hopeful about a dozen very tangible things at that time, which are a little hard to reflect on now because I have read the last 5 pages of the book, so to speak. I know what happens. But, as we shouted out “3…2…1…” I do remember feeling like 2011 would be a defining year, and I think even at the time I knew there would be so many opportunities and decisions in the following 12 months.

Still, I could probably never have imagined how events would unfold, but I am glad I started the year with a positive outlook, even from the very first minute. I do think this year was significant and my current feeling is that it has laid a foundation that I will remember for a long time in a variety of facets of my life. Someday, I just might even think it was a turning point kind of year. Who knows.


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