Media Detox

One reason unemployment sounds “sort of nice” to my employed friends is the plethora of time that is freed up to do… whatever you want. And when you are working full-time, the weekends just aren’t long enough to get things done.

The downside of unemployment is … the plethora of time freed up. There is so much of it sometimes. While I have stayed mostly productive, lately I have noticed almost an impulse to turn on some noisy, bright distraction. First it was daytime TV. Then, I told myself, “Kate, less TV. This is wasting time.” But, turning off the TV isn’t enough. Because everyday I have to log into my computer to check mail, apply for jobs, and so on. And there lurks Netflix and Hulu, where you could watch every. single. episode. ever of The Biggest Loser, or Law and Order: SVU, or you could watch every movie from your childhood. And for whatever reason, I had myself convinced this was not as bad as the drivel on daytime TV.

But it was worse! Because I was actually interested in what was playing because I chose it. And if the episode sucked, I could find one I liked at the click of a button! And I turned into this:

Bored in front of a screen.

And I didn’t like it.

So, for the next seven days, there is no television or movies in this household. Not from the TV, not from the computer screen.

I think I will be able to stay busy for a few days, but I think it is the late-evening time that will really be a struggle. Also, the Biggest Loser Finale is this week. Which I didn’t know before I convinced myself to forgo TV. I was going to allow that one excuse, but I decided that I had to stick to this. It’s just one week, for goodness sake. I will watch BL on Hulu next week.

This week I will catch up on my Reverb blogs, read some books, send my holiday cards, go to the gym, clean my apartment, paint some pictures I have been meaning to finish, and so on. And hopefully I don’t run out of things to do.


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