Reverb 11: Day 10

From Hope at Besottment. She makes beeeeeeautiful things. 

List 10 things you were thankful for in 2011. 

Easy! I love a good list-making session!

  1. Public transportation. And living within walking distance of lots of things.
  2. Sunday mornings.
  3. Belly laughs.
  4. Friends, old & new.
  5. Tacos. (This might seem silly or shallow to you, but then you would be grossly underestimating how much I love tacos.)
  6. Snail Mail.
  7. My warm sleeping bag.
  8. My health (most of the year). When I was unhealthy, I was feeling thankful for Vicodin.
  9. The way my friends and family make it so easy to feel loved everyday.
  10. Naps.

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