Reverb11: Day 7

From Kaileen Elise. I love her prompts because they are short, simple and sweet. 

What do you hope to remember? 

The holidays are oddly stressful– there are extra events to go to and the pressure to buy the right gifts and get the holiday cards out. Overload. And this year, the end of the year is marked with unemployment so it is easy for me to reflect on the year through that lens and say “2011 is the year I lost my job.”

But there are so many good things to remember about this year, and I want to am choosing to put those first. There’s a long list of events I could put here, but I feel like I have listed those a thousand times before. But here are some of the ‘lessons-learned’ I want to remember:

  • Distance and time don’t change true friendships. You will find a way to stay in touch and you will not fault the other for time between emails/phone calls/visits. You will simply pick up where you left off.
  • You have to wear sunscreen.
  • Sometimes, letting someone else do something for you brings them great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Let go of your stubborn independence in those moments.
  • To fight for and accomplish a tough goal is a lot more rewarding that repeating the things you can already do.
  • New things are fun things!
  • Saying “I can’t do that because I will be bad at it” is using too many words to say “I am afraid to try.”
  • People around you actually want to help you, but they need you to ask first.
  • If you open your mind to learning from others, you will.

These are the things I hope to remember from 2011 and carry into 2012.


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