Reverb11: Day 12

From Meredith‘s Reverb 2011 list. 

How did you treat your body this year? You only get this one vessel for one time around? How will you treat your body next year?

I took my body on a hell of an adventure for almost 10 months this year. Training for a marathon was the best/worst thing I have done for my body, maybe. On the plus side, I was in great running shape, covering distances in weekly runs I had really only dreamed of a year ago. I was so conscientious of my diet because one bad meal made for a miserable run the next day.

Unfortunately, all of this also led to a miserable injury that left me totally sidelined for 3-4 weeks and still away from running for another 6 weeks after that. With that injury, my next summer can still be filled with (shorter) races, but it will also require me to be ultra-vigilant about any pain in my leg and be super aware that being injury-free is more important than the running.

Next year, I will be better to my body.

In my weeks of not running, I have learned to do other sorts of workouts– a little weightlifting and falling in love with yoga. I think I am going to start taking a cycling class at the gym. These things will all keep my fitness up without relying so much on running for cardio. Also, I am doing a lot of physical therapy exercises to strengthen my hips and core (my running “shock absorbers”), which should help prevent another lower leg injury (fingers crossed).

Hopefully it is a healthy year ahead!


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