Reverb11: Day 18

From Megan, via email, at Everlasting Present

Family: Recall a special moment with your family from 2011.  Describe in detail what you want to remember about this memory forever.

This March, after living a long life that enchanted us all, my great-grandmother Jessie passed away. It is always sad to lose someone you love and who loved you back. But it is also hard to be sad when you know she lived a full 90+ years and that the last several years had been a battle against Alzheimer’s Disease. Often, we hear the phrase “celebration of their life” used at a funeral and it usually stings because we feel that life has been cut short or was taken before we got a chance to say goodbye. But at Grandma Jessie’s funeral, despite the tears, it really felt more like we were respecting the long life she lived and the family history that is now our responsibility to carry forward. And the greatest feeling I had was a true celebration that she was finally lifted from the memory loss and confusion that had clouded her for her last several years.

It seems like an odd ‘special moment’ to write about, but it was the first time I have been to a funeral and truly felt that the person whose life was being honored was really in a better place and that made me feel good. And I felt hopeful that I will live a long, healthy life and when I die those who love me will lift my life up as an example of one well-lived (and they will have dozens of funny stories to tell at lunch!) and will find peace in knowing that I am in a better place.


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