Reverb11: Day 21

From Paula at “Don’t Be a Pickle Bump.” 

What areas of your life did you enjoy this year? What areas would you like to change in the 2012?

Areas of life. What does that mean? Areas of life. Isn’t it all just life?

I guess I get it, you are supposed to have a ‘work’ life and a ‘personal’ life. And maybe you can break down your personal life to your ‘family’ life and your ‘romantic’ life. And maybe you have an ‘online’ life. Or you define some of your hobbies as your ‘running’ life or your ‘art’ life (if you are me, anyway).

Or maybe it is broken down by the different roles we each play. So I could have a ‘daughter’ life, a ‘friend’ life, a ‘sister’ life, a ‘girlfriend’ life, and a ‘mom/caregiver to a very funny kitty’ life. But don’t so many of those overlap? I mean, sometimes when I am a daughter or a sister, I am also a friend. And it was in my role as a girlfriend that I became a new friend to a handful of people.

Maybe part of my issue with the idea of ‘areas of life’ is that I am an open book of information. People at my job were also my friends (while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries) and I share my work experience with my friends and family. Everyone on the planet knows when I do fun things because they can read about it here (in my ‘online life’, which is a phrase that makes me feel like a creeper).

With that, life was really good in 2011. All areas of it. In 2012, I hope to add a ‘work’ life back into the mix and maybe like, uh, a ‘totally awesome (yet safe) adventure’ life. Or a, uh, ‘sitting on the beach drinking a margarita that Juan Carlos brought over this morning’ life. Or something like that.


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