Reverb11: Day 23

From Geekin’ Hard, who has maintained a great resource of various prompt lists for Reverb11. 

Travel– Did you visit anywhere new this year? 

I think 2011, in terms of travel, was a year defined as ‘good things come in small packages.’ My travels were often short in duration– sometimes only 48 to 72 hours– and many not taking me far from home.

While my travels didn’t fill many pages of my calendar this year, I loved every minute of it just the same. My trips celebrated long-time friendships, new marriages, new adventures, and new opportunities.

The travel highlight of my year was probably the weekend in the Boundary Waters. I had so much fun adventuring around a small corner of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It was one of the truest vacations– no phone, no computer, no schedule. It was lovely.

I look forward to leaving footprints in new places in 2012.


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