Reverb11: Day 24

From Weverb11– a true community approach to the Reverb project. 

Control. What did you finally let go of in 2011? What will you let go of in 2012? 

One of my goals for 2011 was to let go of spending as much money on things. For me, this meant trying to really think about whether I needed something and how I would use it once I had it. It also meant trying to put money towards experiences instead of stuff. I cannot remember the things I have owned like I can remember the times I have laughed so hard I cried, been awestruck and inspired, had a horizon-broadening conversation.

Of course, my attempt to buy fewer things was met by a barrage of influence to buy more! buy bigger! buy now! And I was told thousands of times by advertising that I would be prettier! nicer! funnier! more well-liked! trendier! if I would just buy this one thing. And I even caught my own self telling me I would be happier if I had what someone else had. Or at least it was justifiable to be unhappy because I didn’t have it.

So I slipped up a few times– bought things I didn’t need or never used. But overall, I am happy with how it went and I have some knockout experiences to show for it.

The experiment also highlighted for me what I want to work hard to let go of in 2012: measuring myself against the (perceived) successes of others.

I get caught up in the idea that I should look a different way, live in a different apartment, have different furniture, eat different food, have different hobbies, read more books, and on and on and on. But, I need to remember this video:

I like my apartment! I like my family! I like my gym! I like running at my gym! I like my cat! I like going to basketball games with my boyfriend! I like my clothes! I like my hair! I like to tell stories! I like NPR! I like my car!

My whole life is great!  I can do anything good! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!


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