Reverb11: Day 25

Today’s prompt is from Diana Prichard, a freelance writer and hog farmer (that is so cool). 

Does giving feed your soul? Do you have certain ways of giving that you enjoy most?

I loved this question because the first half is exactly how I feel about giving, but had never expressed it that way. It does feed me to give.

I will be the first to admit that I can get jealous of what other people have. I am so lucky to have surrounded myself with incredibly intelligent people who are now incredibly successful young adults, but sometimes I wont for their bigger apartments, their frequent travels, their things. But, when I let logic in, I know how much I have and how wealthy I am in life when it is measured by things other than money- joy, health, friendships, safety, opportunity.

Giving reminds me how lucky I am, and in that way, is a two way street. I give of my money or time to benefit someone else and it feeds my soul.

My favorite way to give is through gifts– either for myself or someone else. I love to have donations made in my name for birthdays and holidays. I think it’s an honor to say that something I did or said made someone want to give their efforts to a cause I support. This fall, I gave a donation in someone’s honor for the wedding and I loved that idea. I think it is very fitting for young adults who come into marriage already owning a lot of the things one needs around a home– kitchen things, comforters, towels, etc.

One of my goals for 2012 is to start a Kiva microlending fund (after I get a full time job) so that I can invest in small businesses around the world, particularly in developing countries. My hope is to really focus on giving to women in Guatemala/Central America because of the little piece of my heart that is left in a blue house on a mountainside outside Antigua.


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