Reverb11: Day 27

From Weverb11– a true community approach to the Reverb project.

Spend. Where did your money go this year? Where do you want it to go in 2012?

Ugh, where did my money go this year?!

Actually, in keeping with my resolution to spend less on things and save for experiences, I think my spending was okay this year.

I was able to go on a trip with good friends. I was able to take in several theater and orchestra events. I went to baseball games and basketball games. I did happy hours. I got to do all those things guilt free because I didn’t buy 20 pairs of shoes or 10 new dresses (maybe 3 pairs of shoes and 4? new dresses– I love dresses).

I spent on running: race entries, new shoes, Shot Bloks and energy drinks. During the peak of my marathon training, I feel like my grocery bill tripled. A hardworking machine needs needs needs lots of fuel.

I also saved a lot this year, and that is the exact reason I am able to weather unemployment mostly well. I am so thankful I had the insight, foresight, whatever to save. Smart. Smart. Smart.

I spent a lot of money on coffee. Some things will never change.


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