Reverb11: Day 30

From Paula at “Don’t Be a Pickle Bump.” 

Write a letter to yourself and tell yourself about what this past year has been like and what this new year will be like.

Dear Katie,

You are wont to describe this past year by the things and events that made you uncomfortable, particularly as they relate to your work. The stress of the tornado, the uncomfortable politics of your workplace, the toxic relationships, and the eventual layoff. Your feelings are understandably hurt by the whole mess, but remember your motto through college and grad school? You always said to people, “I do not wish to live to work. My work is not my everything. I wish to work to live.” Because outside of M-F, 8-5 is your real life, and this year some awesome things happened in those spaces between.

Girl, we talk about it all the time, but you ran a marathon. That is so damn far! And you did it! You set your mind to a goal and you reached it– much they way you always have, and hopefully always will. Let that finisher’s medal remind you that sometimes things get hard before they get really good. Stay in every one of life’s races until the 26th mile.

Right as the year began, you met a young man who is, in almost every way, your polar opposite. And you had drinks and dinners, dates and events. But most of all, you had fun. You pick at each other (sometimes too much), but you enjoy his company, his dry wit, his loyalty, and the way he keeps you on your toes. Do not take him for granted or lose your temper too often. All relationships require balance, which does not mean both of you balancing on Katie’s side of the argument. For every time your cry/meltdown, be willing to watch another episode of Star Wars.

Your friends and family have been beyond supportive this year so take opportunity you can to give that back in 2012. Don’t forget to be excited for them. Love them up always in all ways.

I can’t predict 2012 and the happenings, but it will be everything you make of it. Let the bad parts of 2011 go, and carry with you the lessons you’ve learned and the fun you’ve had, the challenges you’ve overcome and the fight to be better.

It’s not going to be sunny everyday, but the flowers need the rain to grow.



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