On Honest-to-Goodness New Year Resolutions

There is much controversy about New Years Resolutions.

Lots of glass-half-emptiers say “Setting a year long resolution is setting yourself up to fail and feel worse about yourself.”

Some mind-of-matter-holistic-healer-guru types say “If you want to change something, do it now. Don’t wait until the new year.”

Matt Cutts told his TED audience to try a 30-day challenge, because anyone can do anything for thirty days. And small change is sustainable change.

A 20-something living in Saint Paul, watching Law & Order: SVU reruns like its her job, and hanging out with her cat says “Make resolutions with intention. Think about them, don’t pick one because it’s trendy. Once you decide, stick to it with intention.”

I know some things will not be true about my 2012: I will not lose 50 pounds. I will probably not learn a new language. I won’t give up alcohol or chocolate or bare feet. I probably won’t eat twice as many vegetables as I do now.

But I did set resolutions for 2012 and I do believe in the power of giving yourself a  chance to start over at the beginning of a new year. Last year, I set 2 resolutions and I stuck with them both: spend less money on ‘stuff’ and run a marathon.

This year, my resolutions are:

  1. Wake up by 7AM 5 days a week. One of those days should be a weekend.
  2. Take more photos.
  3. Make a better effort to connect with friends.

I think one of the things that makes resolution-setting successful is that resolutions have to be something you already really want to do and the resolution part is saying “I am committing myself to finding a way and a plan to make this happen.”

So, after a week of thinking about it, I am settled on these 3 things to tackle for the next 359 days.

Let these, and many more adventures, begin.


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