30 Day Challenge

In my New Year’s Resolution post I posted a link to Matt Cutts’ 30 Day Challenge TED Talk where he suggests doing a ’30 Day Challenge’ as a way to make a change but you don’t want to commit to a full year.

It’s a great idea, really, because it has an exit strategy if you totally hate it: it’s only 30 days. And you can probably do anything for 30 days.

So I decided I would fail at attempt a 30 day challenge, too. My 30 day challenge is: a month of a cleaner apartment. I picked cleaning because I know asking myself to stay completely organized for an entire month is a total joke. Also because I hate to clean, so I wanted to know if a person really could do anything for an entire 30 days. And lastly, because more than I hate to clean, I hate a messy kitchen and I hate not being able to find my stuff and I hate not being able to distinguish which clothes are clean and which are dirty.

I combined the idea of a 30 day challenge to something I had stumbled across a while ago:  How To Clean Your House for 20 Minutes a Day in 30 Days from Apartment Therapy. I read through the list, and made some adaptations to suit my apartment best. For example, on a few days they suggest cleaning any ‘extra’ rooms you have. Ha! When you live in 520 square feet there are no ‘extra’ rooms to clean, so I made those days “Power Surface Clean” days, where I just surface clean/pick up the areas of the apartment that are bothering me most.

I wrote out the list and color-coded it by task type (surface clean, deep clean, and things are are different- clean closets, just floors, etc.) and hung it on the fridge. With this magnet:

Ha! Another magnet could read “People who are disorganized waste a lot of time looking for their things” or, in a more positive light, “People who are disorganized are burning a lot more calories looking for their things!”

The 30 Day Challenge to a Cleaner Apartment starts tomorrow. You just asked, “Why not today?”

Because today I have to pre-clean for the cleaning challenge.



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