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mmmm... so true

I have been struggling for days to find a good topic for a blog post. I hesitate to write another blog about the gym or running for fear of losing the interest of my non-runner readers.

I went through a little “woe is me, I don’t do interesting things” phase. But that seems sort of silly and whiny.

On this beautiful Sunday morning (my windows are open in March!), while I made a pot of coffee and had lemon poppyseed muffins baking in the oven, I realized that I am not lacking for good and exciting things in my life, I am simply in a ‘no news is good news’ phase.

Meaning, life is really good right now. And it’s just the simple things that make it so.

I am (still) loving my new job and the things they are giving me the opportunity to do. My work in the community will pick up this spring, and that is my most favorite part of all.

My running is coming along, even if I feel it is a bit slow, but that has given me the opportunity to learn new things like spin and yoga and focus more on the importance of cross training. I ran a 5K yesterday and had a lovely time– I love the race crowds, I love the community, I love the change in environment from where I usually run.

I have had the time recently to catch up with friends, but also long weekend days to catch up with myself (for example, it’s nearly noon and I am still in pj’s, still nursing that pot of coffee).

I have had the time to prepare healthy meals. Most days. And stay organized. Most days.

I don’t know if it is the change in weather, a change in attitude, or the chance to sleep in, but I am definitely feeling like life is lovin’ me right now.

This is a good side story: In the middle of writing this post, I needed to refresh my cup of coffee. When I walked back to where I was typing, which may or may not be in bed, I spilled my coffee on some clothes on the floor. My first action? Refill the coffee cup and then put my clothes in the tub to soak so the stain doesn’t set. Priorities, people. I have them. 


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