Pat’s Tap: A Review from My Uneducated Palate

Why I am bad at reviewing restaurants:

  1. The last thing I have done (or last restaurant I have eaten at) is my new favorite. Almost always.
  2. I like food and I am not very picky or discerning.
  3. Even when food or service at a restaurant is bad, I usually write it off by saying, “Well, their trying. Owning a business isn’t easy.”

Why I am good at reviewing restaurants:

  1. I like to have fun and I know fun when I see it.

Instead of writing a long, fancy-worded review like the newspapers often do, I will distill it down to a list of wonderful things about Pat’s Tap (


  1. The Mojito: The bartender taste tested and said “Uh oh, you’re in trouble!” as she handed over my drink and later the waitress asked “Isn’t that the best fucking mojito you’ve ever had?” Actually, it was one of the best. I noticed the bartender was attentive while mixing it rather than be on autopilot and I think that makes a huge difference in drink quality.
  2. The Wait: Wait for an hour to sit at a restaurant located in an area well-populated with delicious places to eat only means one thing– the food is worth the wait!
  3. The Food: Was totally worth the wait. I ordered the fish tacos and everything looked and tasted so fresh. A very welcome feeling at a restaurant. The menu had a great variety and I can’t wait to go back and try some other dishes.
  4. The Place: It definitely embodies the idea of a gastropub– great food and drinks without any pretense. The outside of the building is attractive but simple and I look forward to sitting on the front patio later in the season (with a mojito!). Inside, patrons are greeted with a warm bar, a fun and sort of kitschy wall paper in most of the building, and a great high ceiling that makes the small place feel open. In the back– Skee Ball!

We weren’t even planning on stopping in at Pat’s. Honestly, I think I had sort of heard of it but didn’t really know it existed or where it was. I just saw it out of the corner of my eye as we drove by and I am so glad we stopped in! Lucky find!


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