A Mid-Year Review

I love doing the Reverb blog project every December– 31 days of reflection on my past year and writing about my hopes and course for the following year. It provides prompts every day that allow me to digest all that has happened in a robust 365 days, good and bad, and use that as fuel for getting excited for what is coming.

This year, I decided to do a mid-year review. How are things going halfway through? Have I kept up with my goals? With a little more time and distance, do I feel like some of my reflections and hopes were accurate? I love the opportunity to self-reflect. It gives me a truer sense of who I am and what kind of friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and coworker I am. It is a great chance to be so very honest with myself (and with you) and change my course if I do not like it. And I think it staves off some of the hurt when other people are critical. I know when they are speaking the truth about a flaw and I can tell them that I recognize it’s a problem, and I am working on it (i.e., I talk too much, I need to have a plan, I get offended when you are late, etc.).

Here are some of the things I wrote 6 months ago.

In a letter to myself about 2011:

 I can’t predict 2012 and the happenings, but it will be everything you make of it. Let the bad parts of 2011 go, and carry with you the lessons you’ve learned and the fun you’ve had, the challenges you’ve overcome and the fight to be better.

The mood of the year so far has felt peaceful, which might seem funny after I just wrote a post about how stressed and overbusy I felt. But, it hasn’t been the type of stress that keeps me awake all night, wondering when things might fall apart. It is the kind of stress that isn’t really a problem, ya know? I am too busy having fun. I have worked very hard to be more appreciative of the small good things, let the small bad things roll off my back, and generally be a bit more even-keeled. It is a trait that my boyfriend seems to have mastered and I am very envious of his peaceful nature; so I am trying to follow his example.

When answering the question: Looking towards 2012, what can you do to shake things up a little next year?

Maybe 2012 could be more about stability? Yes, please.

Ha! 2011 was an Elvis song- all shook up. This year has definitely had more stability and mostly due to the fact that employment with benefits has not only (finally) been secured, but I like what I do. I had no idea how much stress my tenuous employment situations were putting on all other aspects of my life.

In discussing what I am ready to let go of in 2012:

Measuring myself against the (perceived) successes of others.

Everyone has a prequel– the story that leads up to the story they are telling you. When we talk about our own successes, we very rarely share the prequel of failures that came before. I find that I am much happier when I define what ‘success’ means to me, and most often that definition includes ‘hard work.’ I do not need to measure my stuff or my job or my accomplishments against those of the people around me. It does not breed happiness, but rather jealousy or boastfulness. I want to exhibit neither.  My measurement is: did I work as hard as I could for this? Will I work as hard or do I need to work harder at the next opportunity? I have been particularly mindful with this throughout this year and I think it is going well– I am incredibly happy with what I have.

When answering: What areas of your life did you enjoy this year? What areas would you like to change in the 2012?

In 2012, I hope to add a ‘work’ life back into the mix and maybe like, uh, a ‘totally awesome (yet safe) adventure’ life. Or a, uh, ‘sitting on the beach drinking a margarita that Juan Carlos brought over this morning’ life. Or something like that.

This made me laugh out loud. As mentioned earlier, 2012 did see the addition of ‘work life’ back into the mix. I almost immediately missed the freedom of unemployment, but the paycheck and ability to be a self-sustainer far outweighs my interest in running at 11AM every day. There have been some totally awesome adventures so far, and I think more are yet to come. And there even was sort of a “sitting on the beach drinking a margarita” life when I went to Tampa with friends for a week! The mid-year verdict is: success!

I hoped to include more of the following in my 2012:

  • Vegetables and workouts.
  • Patience.
  • Phone calls with friends that have moved away. I love spending time with my friends who are close, but I don’t take enough time to connect to friends that are farther away.
  • Reading. I have a million great books and I am just not turning enough pages for my liking.
  • Local events. Nothing taps you into the flavor of your community by attending the farmers markets and fairs and festivals.
  • Sunny days, but I can’t really control that.
  • Bike rides.

There has been more veggies. And just a more balanced understanding of the importance of real food but also real life. Did I got out for pizza and fro-yo the other night? Yes. Do I pretty much eat balanced and right for the other meals of the week? Yes. Am I ever going to be the person that says, “I won’t eat any of that. It’s not on my diet.” No. Never.

There has been more local events, and it has been a blast to be involved in my community. Taking advantage of neighborhood bike rides, concerts at the sculpture garden, and dozens of neighborhood farmer’s markets is precisely why I live where I do.

I think there actually has been more sunny days. And I love it.

There are definitely more bike rides. To and from work every day helps, and I have just been more interested in trying to bike places. Driving makes me an angry, bitter person and Aaron thinks I can’t parallel park.

I lack whatever gene is necessary for patience. I have none.

And then I set some resolutions:

This year, my resolutions are:

  1. Wake up by 7AM 5 days a week. One of those days should be a weekend.
  2. Take more photos.
  3. Make a better effort to connect with friends

Well, none of those are really happening. Oh well. If you aren’t careful, real life will happen while you are planning your dream life. So if not all my plans come true, that’s okay.

All in all, I think the mid-year report shows some positive movement in the year 2012. It’s been a good year so far and I guess I am really hopeful that the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar because I would like to see this one through to the end.


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