Things Have Changed. And Are Changing. And Will Change Again.

Change always comes bearing gifts.  – Price Pritchett

Things. They are a-changin’.

I have not been under a rock lately, rather I was on vacation atops mountains of rocks and amongst sulphuric geysers and herds of hundreds of bison in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming/Montana/a tiny slice of Idaho (no, U-da-ho).

And before that? Well, I have been sort of awash in trying to keep up with the pace of life. At the beginning of the month,  Aaron proposed and I said yes (yippee!) and that has brought with it the excitement of daydreaming about our wedding day and the terror of actually planning it. There are no fewer than 100 million decisions that someone is always asking you to make “RIGHT NOW” and frankly, I don’t know. We have set a date and place (I think) and a sort of theme, but my only real interest is in a wedding in which we end up married and celebrating with the people who have gotten us to this point. The rest is just details. And you know who will notice that they aren’t getting caramel-filled chocolates with our faces imprinted on them? No one. (Because we are NOT giving you face-imprinted chocolates, jeezus).

While the planning has so far been about 70% stressful and a bit holy-shit-that-costs-HOWMUCH?! it has been 30% fun, at least, and I think that will grow. I mean, at some point I get to try on the dresses right? Right. (Cue the bicep curls and push ups). The most fun thing so far, has been the creating of a little wedding website, which you can (and should) see here: Because not to toot our own horns, but *toot toot*, Aaron and I can be kinda funny. Of particular note is the ‘press release’ he penned, baseball style, announcing our engagement.

In other changes, we bought a house. (Probably). From the Bozeman, Montana airport, no less. So, there’s that. Things are still sort of pending on some repairs we would like the seller to make, but in less than two months we could be homeowners. File that under “Kate learns to be an adult.” File the whole kit’n’kaboodle under “Hemorrhaging bank account” “Oh, I don’t need any new things for a while.” Also, file the whole kit’n’kaboodle under “That’s enough life-changing for one month, thankyouverymuch.

Luckily, some things have remained the same and their constant-ness keeps me sane. I am still training for the TC 10 Mile, which I am hoping to use as a sort of proxy for whether or not a spring marathon is doable. There are certainly many reasons not to run another marathon, especially next spring, but there is also this nagging fear that if I don’t give it a second chance soon, I never will. If I can make it through just 1 more without the serious injury suffered in my first, then I would consider dropping to half-marathons and less after that. I just feel like I want one more shot. In the meantime, I am going to work my little tushy off because I have this nagging fear of being a bride with back fat.

Okay friends, there’s an update. Things have changed, are changing, and will continue to change. A beautiful sign that life is being lived.


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