Reverb 12 | Prompt 3 | Ordinary Sparkling Moments

This prompt is based off of one of the 2010 prompts, Ordinary Joy. I love this topic because I love taking a moment, taking a breath, and remembering that the good stuff, the really good stuff, isn’t boastful.

Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflect on the ordinary moments that bring you joy. What moments would you like to relish in the coming year?

Sleeping in. Playing Beatles Rock Band with my pre-husband. A snoozing cat in my lap at the breakfast table. Running at dawn. Funny email threads with friends. Getting a magazine in the mail. Family dinners. Buy One, Get One sales on sweaters that fit perfectly. Hanging my future mother-in-law’s Christmas lights (most accurately, watching Pre-Husband do it). A weeknight glass of wine. Going absolutely silly-mad with my sister making 6 dozen “Minne-pies” (we will probably never do this again). This face:

If this is real life, please bring on more ‘ordinary’ next year too.


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