Reverb 12 | Prompt 7 | New

What new things did you try in 2012? What new things will you try in 2013?

2011 was a year of new things– a new love, a new apartment, a new kitty, a new adventure traveling to the Boundary Waters, a marathon, job-hunting. It was a whole lot of new. And a lot less old/routine/safe/security.

So, when 2012 offered a little less “new,” I jumped on to that. Out with the white-capped rough seas of new, in with the glass-topped calm pond of. . . not new.

Some of the new things in 2012 have been re-hashed here over and over and over again, so let’s not chat about those things. Other new things, mostly entirely unintentional, of 2012 included swimming with the manatees in Florida, participating in a Warrior Dash mud and obstacle run, becoming Minnesota Timberwolves season ticket holders, spending St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago (a place that really knows St. Paddy’s Day), playing rec league slow-pitch softball. Just little bits of new– enough new to keep things exciting, but not so much to make things chaotic.

I haven’t decided what new things will happen in 2013. And I am okay with that. Sometimes the best new things come without pre-laid plans and expectations.


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