Reverb 12 | Prompt 8 | Relax

What do you do to relax, to recharge your batteries and restore balance?

The Vikings game is playing on the television above the mantle where our stockings have been hung with care. The snow is falling heavy in our city and our neighborhood is singing the songs of winter storms with scraping shovels and the motors of snowblowers as its instruments. Aaron is at his computer in the dining room, finishing up a little bit of work before he begins prepping dinner. I am laying on the big rug in the next room, covered with a blanket that belonged to my grandmother when I was a child and is practically stitched with memories of movies and popcorn at her house. The cat is curled in my lap, the dog next to us in his giant dog bed. The Christmas tree in the corner is casting a warm twinkle over the three of us. And in this moment I am free to think about. . . absolutely nothing except how wonderful this is, how blessed I am, and how the last 8 weeks have already filled this home with so much love. And with that– no schedule, no intention, no plan– I have been recharged.




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