Reverb 12 | Prompt 13 | Do Over

Today’s prompt was supposed to be ‘Celebrate: What did you celebrate this year, big or small?’ but, friends, all of these posts have been about what has been celebrated and I simply can’t think of anything new about those topics to share with you. So, of course, I yoinked this prompt from Kat (@kljwm) over at Tenaciously Yours.

Do-Over: Of the things that happened this year, if you had the chance to do one thing all over again, what would it be?

I have no big regrets, for which I am grateful. But regret is not absent simply because The Universe is a divine benefactor which has bestowed upon me a life free of worry. In fact, quite the opposite– I tend to worry often, although it is sort of fake worry about fake problems. No, the lack of big regrets comes from two very important things I try to tell myself often:

  1. Think about this decision. How does it affect you today? Tomorrow? Next year? Five years? Does it have an impact on any of your relationships?
  2. Even if something goes terribly, horribly wrong it can probably be undone, redone, fixed, balanced, remedied, forgotten, and/or forgiven.

The second is probably the most important– because even when I think I have executed Stage 1perfectly, I will still find a serendipitous way to screw. things. up.

My wishlist of do-overs are all those little things that I shouldn’t have done, and mostly shouldn’t have said. The times I lost my patience or jumped to a conclusion. The times I took the short cut. The phone calls I didn’t return (I am horrible at returning calls) and the times I didn’t listen well before jumping in to share my own news/story. Or maybe the way my thank-you cards from our engagement party are STILL sitting on the office desk, all written but waiting to be sent (3 months later). Ugh.

Just like we remind ourselves and those close to us that it is the littlest things that can make us happy, it is also just the littlest things that can make us worry or regret.


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