Reverb 12 | Prompt 15 | Choice

This prompt comes from Kat (@kljwm), who I started following this summer because she is another Twin Cities runner. She is remarkably funny, and never hesitates to tell it like it is at her blog, Tenaciously Yours. Her Reverb posts have been insightful and beautiful and are definitely worth the read.

Being an adult means making your own choices.  What choices were the hardest to make this year?

We make several hundred choices a day. In fact, I recently read an article that said we make over 200 choices about food each day. Food. Think about all the other choices we make– what to wear, how to get to work, what to do right away and what to put off, who to call and who to email, how much of what we are thinking to actually say, and how then how to say it.

Literally thousands of choices every day. Thousands of opportunities to choose the wrong thing, to screw up.

Conversely, thousands of opportunities to do the right thing.

Life throws at us a lot of Big Choices. Choices that only come around once in a while, maybe once in a lifetime. The kind we wring our hands about, lose sleep over. The kind that feel like they define who we are.

I feel much about hard choices in 2012 as I do about regrets, it’s the little ones that really getcha. The choices we make every day, the little ones that we make practically subconciously, those (I think) are the hardest to make– or sometimes to unmake.

I continue to find it difficult, at times, to choose to listen rather than speak.

I find it difficult, at times, to choose patience over anger.

I find it insensibly difficult to choose time for myself to recenter, heal, make balance over one. more. thing. to do.

I often struggle to prioritize, which is just to make a bunch of choices at once which ends up ranking activities from most important to least, when they all feel important. If there is anything I dislike more thank choosing, it’s ranking.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to choose to make a choice in the first place. This is perhaps the most detrimental of choices– the choice not to.



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