Reverb 12 | Prompt 19 | Lost and Found

What was lost this year? What was found? 

Lost. Most, but not all, of the anxiety about whether or not where I am in life is good enough or is where I want to be and so on and so on.

Found. A little life stability- a job, a house, a pre-husband, a retirement savings plan, health insurance. All things that help you not panic every morning.

Lost. The ability or opportunity to get frustrated and walk away from someone, to just throw my hands up in the air and say “I quit this. And I quit you. Go away.”

Lost. The desire to ever quit this person.

Found. A certain peace that sometimes the timing to chase a goal isn’t right and it’s okay to change my mind. It doesn’t mean I gave up or quit. It means I thought critically and made a choice.

Found. Four walls and a roof that we filled with slightly mismatched furniture, a plethora of Twins memorabilia, a hallway of running paraphernalia, and a lot of fun, joy, and laughter.

Lost. The focus on perfection and impressing others with things that don’t matter. This can happily stay lost.

Found. That new friends and old care about far more important things than things.


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