Reverb 12 | Prompt 20 | Anticipation

What are you looking forward to most in 2013? 

This is an easy answer, but perhaps not for the reasons our culture promotes.

I am, hands down, terribly excited for and anticipating October 5, the day I become “wife.”

Which is in 287 days for the math geeks out there. In case, you know, you were counting down or something. Which I’m not. But if I were, that would be the number.

And television shows and blogs and planning websites and the trite conversations with acquaintances tell me I should be excited about the flowers and the hair and the dinner and the dress; excited about all the details.

(And the Little Little Princess of 1991 in me is excited about the dress.)

But what I am really looking forward to are the people. Our engagement party in September was just a small glimpse into what it might be like. And though we were exhausted at the end, it is an amazing feeling to have so many people share their love with you and celebrate.

It is easy to honor the people who have supported you as a couple. What gets passed over often is honoring the people who made us each who were are and who helped form us into the person the other would fall in love with. Just last night I said to Aaron, “Can you believe we have only known each other for 2 years? There are huge chunks of my life you weren’t a part of and that feels so strange.”

So, in 287 days I am excited to be pampered and pull on a beautiful white dress. I am excited to walk down the aisle. But I can’t wait for the clinking glasses of cheers!, the funny stories, the years and people and experiences that will come together in one place over good food, good beer, and just a whole lotta love.



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