Reverb 12 | Prompt 30 | Closing

Most pieces of art, be it books or plays or songs or movies, have some sort of closing, a time to tie up loose ends and create a wholeness. When you were in middle school, it was a final paragraph that started with, “In conclusion…” Write a closing paragraph for 2012. 

In conclusion, it was simultaneously a year like every other before it and yet unlike any other. In it’s humble 366 days, it nurtured many firsts and comforted several lasts. It gave way to good and permanent change. And every day the sun rose, whether greeted by clear skies or cloudy, and every evening it set, hanging warm in the sky before cooling and dipping below the horizon. And so it goes on every January 1, a new year will rise in our hearts and in our bellies, igniting in us a new excitement. Every December 31, we will kiss our year goodnight one last time, tuck it in beneath the warm blankets of our memory, let out a sigh of joy and relief, and begin anew.


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