2013 Goals and Hopes

New Year’s Resolutions– I like them. So much so that I make them, and I try to be intentional when I do. What are the things I really would like to get better at in a year?

Last year I had 3 resolutions: Wake up by 7AM 5 days a week, take more photos, and make a better effort to connect with friends.

How did I do? Hmm. If I were to give them grades I would say C-, F, and D-, respectively. Not so hot.

I also had a list of goals that were particularly for my time unemployed, but sort of spilled into “things to learn/do in the New Year. Those things (and their respective grades):

  • Make homemade yogurt: F.
  • Make homemade bread: D-. I never made a loaf, but I did source an old breadmaker from my parents, drive it around in the trunk of my car for 2 months and then store it in two different basements. So I am getting close to accomplishing this.
  • Crochet slippers: D-. I did one. It was ugly. Went back to scarves and blankets.
  • Take open courseware classes: F.
  • More painting: Ugh, like F-.
  • Go to more museums: F.
  • Sleep 7-10 hours a night: C-. I usually hit the 7, would like to hit the 8. 10 hours?! Seriously, I would have to go to bed at like 6pm.
  • Volunteer: F.
  • Get a library card: It was delivered on December 31, 2012 so A+ for me.

Looking back at the good and bad of 2012, what is it that I really want for 2013? I want to really work on balance. Like, life balance.

Which means not spreading myself so thin that I spend the majority of my time thinking about the next thing and the logistics of time and space and so on. Giving myself an opportunity to be present in the activities I am in.

Making space in my schedule so that procrastination is not the only option.

Being able to say the dreaded N word. (No, not that one!) Being able to say “no.” No to filling every single night of the week with activities while my dirty dishes pile up and we run out of food. No to doing things only to please others or ‘keep the peace.’ It’s so hard. I exercised my “no” muscle earlier this week and it was wrought with apologizing and guilt and foolishness. So, not only do I hope to be able to say No, but say No with dignity and authenticity, without shame.

Being more cognizant of the difference between “relaxing” and wasting time. Less time in front of the idiot box, more time in front of a book. More time being aware.

Other things I would like to aim for:

  • A balanced meal at home 4-5 days per week.
  • Learn to become a better, happier Winter Runner.
  • Read at least 1 book a month (being a bus commuter is making this way easier).
  • Take an art class.

My mom used to tell me, when I was home between semesters of university, how lucky I was to have a nearly complete “restart” between semesters, that real life never works that way, and she wished she could have that too sometimes. And she’s right– at times it can be hard to not have a reboot automatically built into my lifestyle. But new things provide me that opportunity– new job, new move– and when those things aren’t around, a new year.

Here’s to all of you and the accomplishment of your new goals (or the maintenance of your status quo, if that’s what you’re after) in the new year. Prost!


Be kind to yourself and just... be...


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