Wedding Wednesdays

Suddenly, the talk about of wedding went from “Oh, it’s not for more than a year” to “It’s in about a year” to “It’s in 6 months.”

So suddenly.

We planned a tiny bit before now. A venue for ceremony and reception. The wedding party. Photographer. Florist. We checked off some of the Big Things You Need We Want for a Wedding. But now, it’s time to make actual choices. Less maniacal pinning on Pinterest and more this is it.

To be honest, I thought this would be harder. I thought I would be wracked with some This Is a Decision You Are Going to Reflect on Forever guilt and waffling. But it hasn’t been like that at all. It has been easy, peaceful. It has been a blessing that Aaron and I both have a pretty strong idea about what matters that day, and it isn’t dinner escort cards (though I will admit for a hot minute today it was escort cards, oh lawd!).

The hardest thing for me is to not publicize every. single. decision. I am so excited when we make a choice that I immediately want to tell everyone. Which to me, sort of sounds like reading the last chapter of a book to someone else a single page per day. A slow, monotonous march to an ending ruined. So I am trying really hard to not tell anyone how great I think the save-the-dates are going to be. I am using every muscle in my self-control box to not post a piano rendition of the song I want to hear as I walk down the aisle. I am trying to think of our wedding a bit like a surprise party we are throwing for all of our friends and family who have loved us from our respective Day 1’s, through the awkward years, as we rounding into young adulthood, and now as we complete the earliest steps of Couplehood. A way to celebrate how their love for us continues on into our love for each other; a love that does not end.

Our wedding is in 206 days. I am actually not counting, but I once logged in to and that website isrelentlessin it’s dogged reminding and notifying and suggesting and so on. From here on out, on Wednesday’s, we will celebrate Wedding Wednesday (alliteration is good for your brain and soul) and I will share how it’s going without spoiling all the fun.

Tonight we’ll just leave it at this: it is most joyful to be planning a Very Important Party of this magnitude and I cannot wait for it to be here.


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