Wedding Wednesday: 6 Months

Perhaps I am too talkative (write-a-tive) and so I feel like all my Wedding Wednesday posts have pretty much covered everything I am thinking/feeling.

I love the love going on, which was particularly warm-fuzz when two women who may have known Aaron for the entirety of his life said they were going to throw a shower this summer.

There is almost no advice going on anymore, so, uh… I guess people read this. Oops. I hope no one was truly offended! It really hasn’t been that bad (except one co-worker did mention something about bunnies…)

And although Williams-Sonoma emails me every. damn. day. to tell me what the Must Have Cookware of the Week is, I am aware that our registries are a bit bare. And the only things I can think of to register are the things we will need this spring/summer that I just don’t want to pay for like a garden hose and flower pots and summery placemats.

But, on Friday we marked the official “6 Months To Go!” date and promptly panicked celebrated went to a Timberwolves game. I think we are still feeling pretty chill about the whole thing– I hope this isn’t a phase. Sometimes I can get a little wound up and then I remember that I have already purchased one half of a lovely dress and October 5 I am going to wear that sucker all day. Probably getting married, but mostly just doing whatever comes at me.

With 179 days to go, what have we accomplished recently?

  • We contacted a bakery to make some cake and need to set up a tasting appointment. In my dream life, we go dressed as Marie Antoinette but in my real life we will probably just go after work and I will just have to make-believe.
  • We designed and ordered our save the dates. Which we could either order 100 or 250 of. Cute, because we needed 125. So, if anyone wants to save the date twice, let me know… meh.
  • We reserved a wedding night hotel room. Scandalous. And early. Because that’s marathon weekend and hotels in Minneapolis (the start line) and Saint Paul (the finish line) are filling up fast.
  • We started pre-marriage counseling/prep. Truthfully, enlightening. Sometimes hilarious.
  • I may have secured a very cool, big surprise on accident because of Twitter. I don’t want to say what it is because it may not be possible and I want to keep it a surprise if it does happen, but let’s just say I’m pretty excited about it.

So that’s that… another Wednesday down. Only… 25? 24? more to go. Yeeeee!


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