Wedding Wednesday: The Excitement Builds

Last week I chatted about how the first wedding of the season inspired all kinds of Wheeeee! This is so fun! in me because it suddenly became very easy for me to imagine our wedding day. I don’t know if that is because we were seeing friends get married or because lately some real and concrete things have been happening in the planning of our own wedding. Either way, the Wheeee! This is SO fun! feeling continues. And I am loving it.

I also wrote last week’s post because I was sort of running out of things to say about our own wedding that morning. I mean, let’s be very real friends: though there is plenty of wedding stuff to do, sometimes nothing really happens in a week’s time. We were busy doing lots of other things, like: moping about the weather, going to our last Timberwolves game of the season, trying to learn how to assemble and use our new grill (+1 for homeownership– grilling!), we have had busy work schedules… ya know, real life.

But when I got home, the most Weddingest Wednesday of all Wedding Wednesdays occurred! First, our save-the-dates arrived from the printer. Now objectively, I think most of the world will regard our save-the-dates as charming, maybe a bit funny, and pretty simplistic. I, however, find them to be hilarious. But I don’t think I find the actual save-the-date images and text so funny, but perhaps the circumstances surrounding how they came to be. I don’t want to give too much away for guests who haven’t seen them yet, but let’s just say Stage 1 included Aaron saying various greetings in a British accent and Stage 2 included realizing we needed 120 save-the-dates but only being able to order in quantities of 100 or 250. So, if anyone wants an extra save-the-date… or 4… or 5 (you know, for scrapbooking or something), we can hook you up.

Happy as a pumpkin pie, I spent almost all evening addressing all but like 10 save the dates due to missing or incorrect addresses. I was so pleased with myself for getting such a big project done in one evening, that I thought that alone was enough Happy Wedding Planning Juju for one day, but as I was tucking myself into bed, I checked my email and found this little beauty:

Say what?! Do you mean to tell me, Ms. Drobinski (whom I have never met), that my dreams of being a Pretty Pretty Princess are about to come true with the simple call to say, “I’m coming to pick up the most perfect dress of all the dresses!”? Well, knock me over with a toothpick. I love how nonchalant the email is too. I get it, this is her job. But she wrote ‘bridal gown’ in the subject, no capitalization, no context, no punctuation, and yet what I felt after reading the email was, “BRIDAL GOWN!!!! MY BRIDAL GOWN IS IN DA HOUUUUUUUSE! I FEEL PRETTY! OH SO PRETTY!!!!!” So, you know, one person’s job is another person’s Best Day Ever.

[Insert: Jeez. I should eat some salads for a few days and then pick it up]

Progress is being made. The dress has been acquired, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. We selected a DJ and it sounds like the music at the reception might be the best part of the night, so I don’t want to ruin that surprise. Once our stamps arrive (how LONG it takes the USPS to deliver their own product is for a whole different post, but seriously…), we will send the save the dates. In a few weeks we will meet with the History Center about details. We are finally at a place where there are actually details. Cool!

The excitement for The Big Day builds, so much so that I do not know where it will all go.

23 Wedding Wednesdays to go!


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