Wedding Wednesday: Short List

There hasn’t been much movement on the wedding front, though we did get an awesome photo from the best man of some fabulous wedding day shoes! Even though not much has happened, I still find myself thinking about our wedding all the time.

Here are the things that I have thought about this week, re: wedding planning:

  • I can’t tell if Pinterest is helping me or hurting me. There are so many great ideas that it makes final decision making very difficult. I am always ‘pinning’ a new idea for something that I have already decided on. Foolish. Wheel spinning. Has to stop.
  • Who will pick up all of our gifts from the reception site?
  • Can we check in to our wedding night hotel in the morning?
  • What time are we going to get married?
  • Do we need to put decorations/mini-toiletries in the bathrooms at the reception?
  • How many strings of lights do I need to totally deck out our backyard for the world’s most charming, relaxed rehearsal dinner?
  • I need to learn how to do make up or find someone who can do mine for me.
  • Why is all yellow jewelry tacky?
  • Does Starbucks really give free lattes to brides?
  • Would Caribou do it?
  • What is the plan if there is like severely severe weather?
  • Know who to ask help from on what tasks is The Hardest Thing. So I have been defaulting to not asking.
  • Where and when will we take our engagement photos?

For every one question answered/decision made, 2 new ones pop up. And yet, the slow and steady march towards the aisle is working and before I know it, we will be flying to Hawaii as the Mr. & Mrs.


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