Wedding Wednesday: The Months of Business

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Thursday. I got a little thrown off by the Monday holiday and how busy I was being a lazy government employee going on a bike ride with Aaron, puttering in Fern Gulley (the new name of our “garden”), going out for coffee with my mom, buying some shorts for if summer ever actually comes to Minnesota, taking the dog for a walk, and the like. Give this girl a bonus weekend day and watch me work some magic.

That said, we are looking headlong into June, which semi-officially unofficially begins the Months of Getting To Business as it relates to the wedding. Frankly, this month and next month, decisions have to be made. and since July is Birthday Month I would prefer those decisions to be more “cake AND ice cream, please” and a bit less “WHAT are the invitations going to SAY?!”

Generally, I am a good and quick decision-maker. If I am looking for something that is X, Y, and Z then I buy the first item that has X, Y, and Z. I don’t even look for As, Qs, or Ps. And making big decisions about the wedding has been exactly this way. The History Center as a venue? Perfect. It has walls and a ceiling, it is a large enough space to eat some delicious noms and then dance yourself silly, and they do the food/tables/linens. An easy choice, made easier by the fact that it is a beautiful building, celebrates all things Minnesota, and has a stunning view that we are going to ‘Capitol’ize* on for the dance. Choosing food was also easy: what five things on this menu look yummiest? Okay, let’s eat those 5 things. Done.

So, why I spent 5-6 HOURS of my life in the last week poring over pictures of bridal and bridesmaid jewelry, feeling absolutely paralyzed by the choice, is entirely beyond me. But June/July are the months of No Second Guessing.

What we have recently accomplished:

  • Aaron bought his suit. It is apparently a very nice suit. I imagine guests will be able to use the words “dapper,” “handsome,” and/or “well-groomed” to describe him on our wedding day (really, most days. Dude is a good dresser).
  • We picked food, linens, and table layout at the History Center plus a brief timeline for the reception. A little time for talky, a bit of time for eatty, a lot of time for party. Perfect.
  • I looked up the procedure for getting a marriage license. Then I read through like 20 pages of state statute related to weddings, unions, common law marriage, divorce, annullment and the like. Out of curiosity. Um, this is why things aren’t always getting done…
  • Purchased some recycled burlap coffee bags. Like, the BIG ones. I will let your imagination dictate what you think we are planning with those bad boys.

I will not share with you the list of things yet to do because I would break out in hives. It feels like a lot. It isn’t, really. They day is going to be good perfect a lot of fun, regardless of the things we forget to do.

18 more Wedding Wednesdays (or Thursdays) to go!

*See what I did there?  Funny.


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