30 Days of Biking, The Remix

So, in April there is a pretty cool event called 30 Days of Biking. The organizers hold events around Minneapolis and cyclists from around the world connect and share their collective biking experience for the entire month on social media. The commitment is pretty minimal– ride whenever, wherever. 20 miles? Yes. Around the block? Yes. So cool, right?

So Aaron and I decided we would do 30 Days of Biking because… bikes, fun, springtime!

And I shared our adventures and fun on social media:










And then we had a turn of the weather. In April. But spirits remained high, and I was able to bike it out in the snow. But spirits can only remain so high. And I was starting to slip.


But! We had a good idea! We could bike in the garage.


But. Things got real. Like, stuck-on-the-bus-for-2-hours-because-of-snow real.







So I quit. And I am not always a quitter, but I don’t like to be cold. And biking in the cold was turning out to not be even an iota of fun. It was not only not fun, it was miserable. And, this snow happened again later in April. And then once in early May too. I just couldn’t take it.

Now here we are in June. The weather is unseasonable cold and rainy still, but I have not seen precipitation described as “snow pellets” in over 4 weeks, so I think it is safe to say that I am ready to revisit the 30 Days of Biking Challenge now that the climate is more hospitable to my creature comfort needs (i.e. my fingers do not risk frostbite).

I set 2 goals in April: 1) to ride 100 miles in April. 2) to ride 1000 miles this season (ending October 31). Despite the crummy weather, I biked 121 miles in April. So far, I have biked 270 miles this season (I took 2 complete weeks off before my half-marathon in May). I have determined I need to average about 35 miles a week to get to 1000 miles on the year, but given that we are wedding planning and going to be gone for half the month of October, I would like to front load some weeks in June and July with lots of miles.

So here’s to 2 new biking goals in June:

  1. Ride every day. (so far, I am 4/4)
  2. Ride 150 miles. (Currently at 18, so actually on track).

Ride on!


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