Wedding Wednesday: Some Mathematics

Hello friends!

Many of you know I am a huge fan of countdowns. I have a countdown app on my phone and I am always finding something to countdown towards: my next running event, my birthday, a vacation, whatever. It may come as no surprise that my current countdown is focused in on… our wedding day.

If you know I love countdowns, you might also know I can be terribly impatient about impending goodness. I cannot wait for things like birthdays, Christmas, mini-adventures, visits to friends, etc. My impatience makes me want to shorten the countdown by whatever means necessary, short of actually moving the date of the event. If I have learned nothing else about delayed gratification, it is that it is a mind game. Which can be overcome the way lots of people and organizations, businesses and goverments overcome lots of sticky situations: mathematics. Of the… creative variety.

So, here is my Wedding Countdown Math.

There are 115 days to go. Or approximately 16 weeks. These will both be important multipliers later.

There are 2760 hours to go (115 X 24). Not exact because right now I am not interested in deducting the time that has already passed today and the fact that the wedding is not at 6AM but rather 4PM… yadda yadda yadda. Exactness is not necessary in mathematics of this sort.

2760 hours feels like a long time. Especially because I am generally like a 12/10 excited for our wedding day to arrive. If I maintain that level of excitement for 2760 hours, my poor little heart is going to pop out of my chest or I will craft until my fingers are worn down to tiny nubs. Neither of these is an acceptable outcome. Which is why it is necessary to determine, calculate, and subtract the Countdown Deductions.

What are Countdown Deductions? They are the times you are busy doing other things and thus are not counting down to your wedding and can be subtracted from the total time between now and your wedding day.

The Deductions list is as follows:

  1. Sleep. Calculated daily at a rate of 7 hours for 114 days (because the chances of me actually falling asleep the night before the wedding are exactly zero), for a total of 798 hours.
  2. Eating. Sometimes I think about other things while I am eating, but generally I think about delicious food. Calculated daily at an average rate of 2 hours for 115 days, for a total of 230 hours.
  3. Personal grooming. Girl likes to look good, so sue me. Calculated daily at an average rate of 1 hour (this is for both morning and pre-bed activities), for a total of 115 hours.
  4. Reading. I am in a book club with some super-smart women. I have to keep up. Calculated daily at an average rate of 1/2 hour, for a total of 57.5 hours.
  5. Running and related activities including but not limited to icing, stretching, ‘refueling,’ reading about running, participating in RunChat on Twitter, complaining about running, getting ready to run, and relaxing after a run. Calculated weekly at an average rate of 6 hours per week, for a total of 96 hours.
  6. Softball. I am so busy trying to watch the arc of a slowpitch pitch, protecting my face from errant projectiles, and drinking a beer (or 3) that I cannot think about the wedding. Calculated at 3 hours per night of softball, with an anticipated 7 nights of the season remaining, for a total of 21 hours.
  7. Book club. We meet monthly. And we actually do talk about the book for at least 80% of the evening. Calculated at 3 hours per book club, with an anticipated 4 remaining before the wedding, times 0.8 because we may chat wedding in the other 20% of the time, for a total of 9.6 hours.
  8. Concerts. We have 2 on the schedule: Rock the Garden (at least 6 hours) and Bob Dylan (approximately 4 hours), for a total of 10 hours.
  9. Birthday. I love my birthday. I will likely only be thinking about how it is my birthday and cake and ice cream and the like, for a total of 24 hours.
  10. Ragnar. I am running 200 miles on a team with 11 other people. My focus will be on: running, eating, sleeping, running again, eating some more, stretching, running again, not passing out/dying, drinking a celebratory beer… for a total of 30 hours.
  11. Bachelorette Weekend. No explanation needed, for a total of 48 hours.

That is a grand total of 1439.1 hours of Countdown Deductions. Which gives us a new Countdown Grand Total of: 1320.9 hours until the wedding. Which is only 189 days. Wait… what? Oh… divided by 7 instead of 24… Which is only 55 days! Half the time!

Now that the wedding is right around the corner (thanks to MATH!), I can stay excited until it arrives!

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 16 more Wedding Wednesdays to go!


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