Wedding Wednesday: The Current State of Things

If you read last week’s post, you will appreciate this nugget: Today I caught myself counting down to a countdown milestone. As in, I actually said to myself, “Only 10 more days until there is less than 100 days to go.” Obviously, I am passed the rabbit hole, beyond the room with the tiny door, and seated at the left hand of the Mad Hatter.

At the end of May, I posted that we were entering the Months of Business, the time in which Shit Gets Done. I am happy to report that this has been true. Actually, stuff hasn’t been done per se, but it has been scheduled to get done. And what does this girl love more than a countdown? ICE CREAM… and a schedule. A plan and an action list and checking things off that list. In fact, I like it so much that when something gets “checked off” the wedding to-do list, it gets Xed and crossed out.

Kill the To-Do List with Fire.


On Monday my joy knew no bounds when the ultra-talented woman who is altering my dress said, “Let’s schedule the first fitting for [date], bring items X, Y, and Z, and after that we will schedule the rest of the fittings.” My heart might have actually skipped a beat at the thought of having at least one thing mostly planned out between now and the wedding. Then I wrote an email to tell my florist that I was about to call to make an appointment for a specific date and then wrote in the email what that date was. And at the end promised to follow up with a call. Redundant? Yes. Do I feel better? Yes.

Things we have recently checked off the to-do list:

  • Pick up Aaron’s suit.
  • Bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts.
  • Schedule cake tasting (this is why brides gain weight before weddings, I swear).
  • Design and order invites.

Things in the works:

  • Meeting with the wedding coordinator at church next week.
  • My jewelry shipped on Monday.
  • Engagement photos at the end of the month.
  • First dress-fitting early next month.
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties scheduled.

Huzzah, right? Those are some decent lists and it doesn’t even include everything because I am working REALLY HARD to not be a surprise-spoiler.

Next week, I commit to writing about how we are still living real lives. Because even though the excitement pervades, like, every single quite moment of my life, we are still doing other stuff and being normal people. Which, I think, is critical to the success of surviving wedding planning. Is it a big deal? Sure. Is it the biggest deal? Not really.

15 Wedding Wednesdays to go!


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