Wedding Wednesday: The Weeks of So Much

Happy July, friends! It is the height of summer! It is time to celebrate America! It’s Birthday Month!

Funny enough, I am actually a bit terrified of the sound that fireworks make. But look how exciting and celebratory they look!

Last week I reminded you myself that Aaron and I have a real life outside of wedding planning, which is glorious. And balanced. And balance matters– just try riding a bike without any.

desert diva: Life is like a bicycle
The theme of summer is: bikes. And balance. But mostly bikes.

But now we are back to our regularly scheduled Wedding Wednesday content, and ladies and gents, have I got content for you! We were busy.

Jenna & Mike’s Wedding. A few Fridays ago, we attending Jenna and Mike’s beautiful wedding in Eden Prairie. Jenna is a long-time friend of Aaron’s and we described her as “one of the most authentic people we know” on the car ride to the wedding. They had a lovely outdoor ceremony sandwiched between some “holy Hannah, it is hot out” weather and then the storm of the century. But the 45 minutes of their ceremony? Gorgeously sunny with just a little breeze (well, enough to make it impossible to light the unity candle, but they improvised marvelously).

A lot of people asked Aaron and I, “Does this make you excited for your own wedding?!” To which the cool, collected answer is, “My goodness, Jenna and Mike are having such a lovely wedding and we are so enjoying our time here. We certainly look forward to our own special day this fall.” The thought actually running through my head is, “OMIGOSH YES I AM SO EXCITED I CANNOT WAIT HAVEN’T YOU SEEN MY COUNTDOWN? IT IS MADNESS.” And the truthiest truth is, the other day I bought a pack of gum and thought about including packs of gum in the gifts to the bridesmaids and then that made me excited for my wedding. A pack of gum gets me excited, guys. Another wedding makes my face about melt off in happiness.

The Cake Tasting. Let’s make this a pretty short story, or this post is going to get out of control: A lovely baker named Mary from A Piece of Cake in Saint Paul put 6 samples of cake in front of Aaron and I on a Saturday afternoon and we devoured them like we had never seen cake before. Like, Clean Plate Club devoured in under 10 minutes. 6 pieces of cake. It was THAT good. We picked the flavor of our cake and a variety of flavors for our guests. Though I have yet to meet a piece of cake I didn’t like, I feel pretty confident that all of our guests will find a flavor that works for their palate.

Invitations. Designed them. Ordered them. Mailed them. Currently sprinting to the mailbox daily, taking out pet or furniture that might be so unfortunate as to be in my path, and delighting at the thoughtful notes and fun song requests we are getting back on the RSVPs. Making our RSVPs somewhat ‘interactive’ by asking people what they were looking forward to doing at our wedding, to share a song that gets them dancing, and to leave us a note or draw a picture is hands down the best decision I think we have made so far since decided to get married in the first place. It makes me feel already close to our guests and sort of sets the tone for what I hope our wedding day will feel like– fun, casual, loving.

Getting on the church calendar and other ceremony to-dos. Of course, I ordered our invitations with a date and time on them before I actually double-confirmed that we were on the church calendar. It didn’t really hit me that I had done so until I had addressed, stuffed, and stamped 121 of those suckers (and do not even get me STARTED on the fact that I only bought 120 stamps– goodness). Lucky, we shortly thereafter had a meeting with the event coordinator at church who assured me we were on the calendar. Phew. We also had our first chance to talk about/think about some parts of the ceremony– mostly the processional, recessional, and some of the pomp and circumstance that makes a wedding event go ’round. We essentially answered every question with, “Oh. I guess we hadn’t thought of that.” Thank goodness for being surrounded by helpful people who know what they are doing.

Engagement photos. Aaron wore a Hawaiian shirt that was missing a button. The dog makes a cameo appearance in several shots. There were bikes and baseball hats and laughs and one time the photographer said, “Wow. You guys are really good at awkward.” Know thy strengths, friends.

Playing Pretty Pretty Princess. Dress Fitting.

Let’s ignore the part where the little ends of the crown dug into your brain and gave you an epic migraine for a week because when you got the crown YOU WORE THE EFFIN’ CROWN LIKE YOU OWNED THE PLACE.

When I was a kid, I had a neighbor that owned Pretty Pretty Princess and I wanted to play it ALL THE TIME and she was all, “No, let’s play Barbies instead” and I was all, “Dude, I want the plastic bling and I want it now.” Friends, the joke is on childhood me because that was pretend dress up and putting on your wedding dress is REAL LIFE. Real life.

Here’s the nitty-gritty about an awesome first dress fitting experience: Bring dress and a bottle of wine and a bag of dog treats to Paula’s house (the dog treats are obviously for the dogs, not for Paula and me). Have a glass of wine before the dress even comes out of the bag. Put the dress on. Admire yourself in many mirrors while Paula tells you where she has to take it in (and thank the Lord she is not letting it out). Discuss bustles and buttons and how Paula can fix the top that was clearly designed for a lady with– pardon my language– porn-star boobs so that it will fit a lady with just regular, Midwestern boobs (because seriously, what was that?!). The total time in the dress: maybe 24 minutes. Take the dress off, pour some more wine. Sit and talk weddings and family and dogs and all manner of things until the wine is gone. Go out to dinner for beer and burgers (because the dress had to come IN, not OUT so I embraced the burger with bacon and everything).

And that, my dears, gets you all caught up on the progress towards our wedding day. It has been the Weeks of So Much. So much done, so much to do, so much fun, so much love and talent from our families and friends. A summer of plenty, to be sure, and we are so so blessed.

13 Wedding Wednesdays to go! Hoorah!


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