Wedding Wednesday: “Are Things Coming Together?”

Thank you for taking a break with me last week to celebrate my birthday- my most favorite day/week. Here are some highlights:

  1. My parents got me drunk at a community park took me to the Cannon Falls Wine & Art Festival.
  2. The coach (and his wife) of our God Squad softball team brought me cupcakes. Princess ones.
  3. I had my second dress fitting (more on this later).
  4. Aaron got me the movie Space Jam. You know someone gets you when they buy you the movie you loved in the 5th grade.
  5. We went to Barbette and had a delicious dinner.
  6. I also had a piece of carrot cake the size of a house cat… if house cats were wedge-shaped and covered in cream cheese frosting and tasted like a rainbow.
  7. We rode bikes.
  8. I took a new job.
  9. We put down a deposit on a second mountain bike for our trip West.
  10. We had the family over for lunch and my grandma gave me The Candy Dish as a gift. This will likely warrant its own post in the future as my delight over owning The Candy Dish is very high. 

So, in case you are a countdown-er, there are 358 days to the NEXT birthday! Awesome.

Okay, on to actual Wedding Wednesday.

So the countdown to the wedding is, like, legitimately on. We are into single-digits, week-wise, which means there are a single digit number of weekends in which to accomplish all the things, minus the weekends I run 200 miles with 11 teammates and celebrate my bachelorette party.

These days, the most common phrase is, “Are things coming together for the wedding?” I never know how to answer. And I think this gets at the idea that the Wedding Industry has planted in all little brides’ heads that your wedding need a theme, a central thread to which all activities, decorations, and choices are tied to. Popular themes (according to every wedding blog ever in the history of the internet) include: beach, travel, ‘shabby chic,’ mason jars, mustaches.

At first, I sort of thought we had a theme, based on our venue and our roots here; I thought it was going to be sort of a Minnesota-themed wedding. I still don’t actually know what that means or would be, so I am not entirely sure I was thinking clearly. But then we added some non-Minnesota details (which I cannot share, for I will spoil all the fun) and I got a little worried that we were not “coming together!” around our theme. Things were not coordinated! They did not match! If we do this-unique-funny-thing here, we have to do it on ALL THE CENTERPIECES. No one will understand our wedding!

The horror.

Turns out, I was just incorrect in identifying our “theme.” You see, our theme is not Minnesota, or corn on the cob, and not even bikes or Paul Bunyan (although the first person to find me a t-shirt with Paul Bunyan riding a bike wins ALL the prizes. Size medium, please and thank you). Our theme is “Aaron and Kate are getting married.” Simple as that. The theme of the ceremony and reception: Aaron and Kate are getting married. The theme of the invites: Aaron and Kate are getting married. The music selection: Aaron and Kate are getting married. All the little details have been chosen by Aaron and Kate to reflect Aaron and Kate. Who are getting married.

So, will certain details feel like they are coming completely out of left field? Absolutely. Will they make us and our guests laugh and say, “That is so them!”? Absolutely. It is going to be a marvelous, marvelous day.


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