Wedding Wednesday: Some Mathematics II

On Monday, I posted on my Facebook that there were exactly 2 months to go until our wedding, which is a little countdown I have been loving to do every 5th of every month since we picked a date last fall. Although, 2 is a pretty small number, in a frightening/exciting/electrifying/to-do-list-checking kind of way.

The status update prompted this request from the fearless manager of our co-rec church softball team (the God Squad):

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.56.39 PM

Well, well, well… ask and you shall receive.

Some Countdown Mathematics. (If you are not familiar with this particular brand of mathing, check out the first installment of Countdown Mathematics.)

There are 59 days to go. Approximately 8 weeks. These are important multipliers for reccurent activities that are Countdown Deductions, like sleeping.

There are 1416 hours to go (59 days x 24 hours). Last time we did this there was like 2700 hours to go, and I am sort of wondering what I have been doing with the last 1300 hours of my life… still, 1416 hours is a long time to wait. So let’s get to some deductions!

What are Countdown Deductions? They are the times you are busy doing other things and thus are not counting down to your wedding and can be subtracted from the total time between now and your wedding day.

The Deductions list is as follows:

  1. Sleep. Calculated daily at a rate of 7 hours for 58 days (because the chances of me actually falling asleep the night before the wedding are exactly zero), for a total of 406 hours.
  2. Eating. Sometimes I think about other things while I am eating, but generally I think about delicious food. Calculated daily at an average rate of 2 hours for 59 days, for a total of 118 hours.
  3. Personal grooming. Girl likes to look good, so sue me. Calculated daily at an average rate of 1 hour (this is for both morning and pre-bed activities), for a total of 59 hours.
  4. Reading. I am in a book club with some super-smart women. I have to keep up. Calculated daily at an average rate of 1 hour, for a total of 59 hours.
  5. Biking. I have been biking to work 3-4 times per week, 1 hour each way, for a total of 2 hours per day of commuting. So, we’ll say an average of 7 hours per week, times 8 weeks for 56 hours. But then sometimes I bike to and from other events and activities, or around the lake for funsies. So let’s add another 2 hours per week, for an additional 16 hours. Then we bought mountain bikes and are planning a bike camping adventure for the weekend, for another 24ish hours. That is a total of 96 hours of bikes. (I think this could be an underestimate, but that’s okay.)
  6. Ragnar. A 200 mile running relay where you have nothing by time to think… about how hungry you are, how bad that left glute is bothering you, and whether or not the porta-potties at the next exchange will have toilet paper or not. 30 hours.
  7. Book club. With good food, smart women, good books, and wine. 3 hours per book club and 2 left to go: 6 hours.
  8. Bachelorette party. Needs no explanation. 24 hours.
  9. Gardening. Let me take just one moment to share my battle(s) with gardening. First, some weeds have really pretty flowers and don’t look like weeds at all. Second, some things that are real plants grow out of ever-loving control (I am looking at you, ferns). Third, I know a good steward of the planet would love all of the flora in God’s garden, blah blah blah…but frankly, I wish He would keep some things in his own garden and out of mine. Especially whatever that thorny thing was. I am trying to keep up with the gardening, at about 4 hours per week, for a total of 32 hours.

That is a grand total of 830 hours of Countdown Deductions. Which takes our new total hours until the wedding to 586 hours, or 24 days! 3 weeks! That’s practically no time!

8 Wedding Wednesdays to go!


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