Wedding Wednesday: The State of Things


[End post.]

Just kidding. Mostly.

At 6 weeks out, I tell myself in the morning, “Pshh. Girlfriend, you have so much time! Don’t even worry about wedding stuff this week. Ride your bike, participate in a 200 mile relay run, do whatever you want.” And then I look at a calendar and realize that a wedding in 45 days is, essentially, tomorrow. Frankly, after over a year of planning, it still can’t come soon enough. Bring on the big white dress and the cake and the dancing and the smiling and the ring-a-ding-ding of wedding bells.

The Crafting

I am not really a ‘DIY bride’ in that all the guests are going to walk away with completely charming handmade trinkets that are individually tailored to his or her favorite color and spirit animal. Unless those things are “yellow” and “kitten.” However, there are a few crafty things that are all really close to done, which is generally my favorite place to quit a project. Things left to do:

  1. Finish painting centerpiece jars. I need only 6 more, which compared to the 72 already completed is like a joke.
  2. Paint and assemble the sign for the cards basket.
  3. Paint picture frames. Thank you, church garage sale (2012) for the 50 cent wood frames.
  4. Finish the guestbook.
  5. Design the final paper products (rehearsal invites, programs, etc).

Doable, no?

The Rings

So we decided on a very specific style of wedding ring, got our little hearts set on it, and then realized we couldn’t find anyone locally that did the type of work we were hoping for. Tricky. Luckily for us, Al Gore invented the Internet and on the Internet, you can find anything. Like this:

I actually kind of like this…

And you can also find the wedding rings you like. Like so much you would wear them forever. Which is pretty important. Except then there is the whole ordering-your-wedding-rings-online thing, which is a perfect ingredient for crazy-making. Essentially, we looked at a single picture of a set and were like, “Yeah. We really like these. Let’s buy them.” And then I sent a large sum of money through the Internet (hat tip to Al Gore, again) in just some blind hope that these people were going to actually make me a set of wedding rings. If this is not trust, I don’t know what is. It takes 3 weeks for the rings to be completed, so while I was waiting, I made a list of all the other things they could be doing with my money:

  1. Eating really expensive sushi every night for at least 10 days.
  2. Smuggling drugs around the Pacific Ocean (did I mention they are headquartered in Hawaii?).
  3. Funding a European art heist.
  4. Rescuing approximately 16 kittens from a local shelter.
  5. Taking a cruise.
  6. Buying their own Hawaiian Island (I mean, a super tiny one–I didn’t give them that much money).
  7. Investing in a donut cooperative (this is actually not the worst idea).

Turns out, they were using our money to make… wedding rings. Fancy that. Which they then shipped IN AN ENVELOPE. I would have paid extra for a box with about 8 layers of packing tape, thankyouverymuch. An envelope? Jeebus. An envelope, by the way, that I have promptly forgotten to pick up from the Fed Ex location for several days now.

Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

Bridal purse. Apparently, I am supposed to have a purse that matches my outfit on my wedding day. Which is funny, because I am pretty sure there isn’t any money left to put in a bridal purse and I don’t really want anyone to call me, but perhaps I could buy about 20 BonneBell LipSmackers lip glosses (Dr. Pepper flavor– holla to my 3rd grade self!) and put them in there.


Gifts and thank-yous. Let’s start this with what I did know: if someone gives you a wedding gift, you send them a thank you. Seems easy, but it’s not that straightforward. There’s an element of timing to it. Some people have sent gifts early (Oh heavens to Betsy, you are wonderful). We haven’t used the early gifts, because we thought it most appropriate to wait until after the wedding (and a little Internet research proved that Miss Manners agrees!), but I did not know we had to send the thank you now. Whoops. So, I made Aaron order thank you cards and we are patiently waiting for those to arrive so we can do it proper. Until then, let’s just say mistakes were made and leave it at that.

A “day of” schedule. If you know anything about me, you know that I like a plan. Like, a plan plan. When we need to be where, how we’re going to get there, who’s going to be there, and so on and so on. The only real surprises I like are birthday surprises, puppies, and pay raises. So I started to draft a bit of a “day of” schedule to benefit myself and the bridal party, the photographer, the parents, our pastor… you know, the VIPs who need to be VOT (Very On Time). And instead of writing it all, I panicked. As it stands, there are only plans up to “Bridesmaids + Bride: Hair appointment.” We’re just going to wing the rest of the day.*

All in all, things are getting a bit more hectic but a bit more exciting. The shower/bachelor party/bachelorette party season is upon our household, resulting in some sluggish but otherwise healthy Sunday mornings at Nyquist Abbey. About half of the RSVPs are in, with a little less than a month to go to get those all back, so we are pretty proud of that response rate- nice work, guesties!  It’s been fun to imagine this day for so long and see it really coming together.

6 more Wedding Wednesdays to go! (Excuse me while I take a moment to hyperventilate/vomit.)

*Just kidding. I heard a flutter of horror go through the bridesmaids who know that I am not a wing-it kind of gal.


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