Wedding Wednesday: (I am out of creative titles)

I was going to start this with a celebration of being only six weeks out, but then I realized I said we were six weeks out last week. Obviously, I am getting a bit anxious about the speed at which time seems to be moving.

Last week there were lots of things unfinished or uncertain, so let’s kind of pick up where we last left off, shall we?

The Crafting

This sort of teases at the fact that my bachelorette party was this past weekend, and I promise I will share some of those details with you too. Later.

On Sunday, I spent the morning after a wonderful bachelorette party lazing around one of my bridesmaids’ (Shivan) apartment, eating copious amounts of bacon and fruit, and taking turns with all the ladies kvetching about our boyfriends/fiancees/husbands. After most of the guests had left, I griped to Shivan about how time consuming I thought some of these silly craft projects were to which she promptly replied, “Let’s pack up your stuff and get to it. Won’t it be fun to get it done?” Yes, I thought, I suppose it will be fun to get it done. But it would also be fun to drink a ginger ale and take a nap.

And in like less than 3 hours we had managed to unpackage 144 bike bells, cut all the burlap to size for the centerpieces, sand and spray paint the picture frames and the sign for the cards basket, and purchase 2 needed baskets. Which means, for crafting, I am down to the guestbook, the final paper products, and those last few centerpiece jars. This is excellent.

The Rings

Are finally in our home, in someplace safe. They are lovely and I cannot wait to wear mine.

A “Day Of” Schedule

In the past week, several people requested a schedule for the weekend of/day of, which at first I thought was so early and then realized if you are making travel plans, as much of our bridal party is, 5 weeks is actually not that long. Whoops.

The schedule is like 2 pages long. Help me out, people who have been married– is that excessively long? Seems long.

Bridal Shower

My dear friend and bridesmaid Bridget, along with the help of the whole bridal party really, put together a charming backyard Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with tiny little “drink me!” bottles, “eat me!” cakes, and a game of croquet. It was spectacular. And so fun to have all your favorite woman spending an afternoon together. There was a part where Melissa, who was essentially acting as our Cruise Director leading all the activities, asked everyone to share their favorite memory with me and I laughed so hard (and cried a bit too). I could have done that all afternoon.

Bachelorette Party

Right after the shower, we changed into something less “tea party” more… bachelorette party, and went to Shivan’s for dinner, a few games, and then to enjoy a night out in Uptown. I can’t give away all the details (my parents read this!) but suffice to say we had a lovely time. Some of us had a very lovely time.

So with those updates, we continue to march towards our wedding day. I sent the schedule out to the wedding party this week and that made things feel officially official. There are 5 more Wedding Wednesdays to go! Eeeeeee!!


We got our engagement photos back. They are excellent. Here’s my most favorite:



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