Wedding Wednesday: One Month To Go

Um, hello. Where did the time go?

According to the White Rabbit, it’s five o’clock somewhere. I can get on board with that.

Aaron and I set our wedding date pretty quickly after we got engaged last August because 1) I was over-excited, and 2) wedding venues will actually laugh at you if you are trying to book any less than 9-12 months out (and in fact, another couple had already expressed interest in our venue on the same weekend!).

At the time, our wedding was 419 days away. Which might as well have been a lifetime. And a half. Now, it is in 31 days which might as well be 45 minutes.

The Crafting

Last I had left you, Dear Slavedriver Bridesmaid Shivan had booted me into crafting action and I was too fun-gover from my bachelorette party to argue. Last week, I had Friday afternoon off and after a quick power-snooze with The Hound, Master-Snoozer, I actioned quite a bit of crafting.

  1. I put a selection of our engagement photos in the previously painted frames. Pro-tip: Even if all the frames are 5×7’s, the glass and backs are not created equal. If you just throw a bunch of frame backs in a box without indicating which frame they actually belong to, you are in for at least 45 minutes of “Oh COME ON. You can’t not fit on ANY of these frames! YOU CAME FROM ONE OF THESE FRAMES AND I WILL FIND OUT WHICH ONE AND YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE WHEN I DO.”
  2. I wrapped the bridesmaids gifts. This might seem small, so let me regale you the tale of the bridesmaid gift. I ordered necklaces that promised to be mustard yellow. And since I knew I couldn’t honestly look 5 of my favorite people in the eye and say, “You gotta wear a yellow dress in my wedding, like a banana. Or lemon. Or squash,” I figured I could add some yellow to them with these darling necklaces. I delighted when the little box from an Etsy seller (who shall remain unnamed) arrived at the house and promptly opened them to find necklaces that I would describe as ochre on a good day, and as post-bananas baby poop on an honest day. So then, I got this awesome idea that even though I have never in my life made jewelry, my overall craftiness and artistic eye would make it possible for me to jazz up hide the ochre-ness with a little charm and pearl. $40 worth of craft supplies and 3 bleeding fingers later, I had “fixed” one of the necklaces. And it looked dreadful. And here’s the rub, kids. Sometimes perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness is all good and dandy. But sometimes, you are bleeding and you just have to go back to Etsy and order a whole new set of necklaces that you like and don’t have to fix in any way shape or form and then you just wrap all the necklaces together and on the night before the wedding I will say, “I am sorry I almost made you wear baby poop colored necklaces. I give them to you as a token of my love and humility.” Also learned in this process: Buy twice as much gift wrapping supplies as you need. You yourself will make some mistakes and the cat will ruin the rest.
  3. The centerpiece jars. The ones I had been just positively lamenting about in the most dramatic fashion because I still had four. more. to. do. and I had no energy left for them? Turns out, when I actually counted I had 79 jars. I needed 78. So there has been a lot of energy wasted complaining about a task I never had to do in the first place… classy.

The Ceremony

A few weeks ago, our pastor came over and we chatted about the ceremony like what would be included, what would go where, and readings that we liked. Unfortunately (and unbeknownst to him, maybe– sorry PK!), I was just in a foul mood re: the wedding. I was starting to feel a bit burned out, overwhelmed, and unsure of how everything was going to get done (this, of course, was prior to the Great Shivan Intervention of 2013). So when he handed us the outline from the Lutheran Book of Worship, I was all, “Yep. Looks great. Let’s do this thing.”

And then, several weeks later, I read a few of the suggested verses for readings and had a moment of, “Well, that’s just not going to work, is it?” Things that I would describe as no bueno include: a reading that directs me to obey my new husband that does not also direct my husband to obey me (I believe my actual reaction was, “Oh hell no.”), a reading that asserts that humans have “dominion” over the rest of creation (this just doesn’t exactly jive with our view of the natural world and the environment), or a reading that so overtly asserts the man/woman marriage thing, as Aaron and I are pretty psyched to be getting married in a state where all the people are getting married.

The Dress

I may have shared the first half of this story once before… hang in there if you’ve heard it. Everyone knows when you try on a dress sample at the bridal store, they are designed to make you feel as bad about your body as humanly possible they don’t fit. That was not really a surprise. But when I went to pick up my dress after it had been ordered and this wafer of a 20-something saleslady put it on and was like, “Oh my gosh! Does it feel like your dress?!” As I looked in the mirror, I thought, “Well, no. It looks like an unshapely table cloth with a zipper.”

Last night I had another dress fitting and I was plenty worried. Between the last fitting and this one I had celebrated Birthday Week with cupcakes, and Post-Birthday Week with left over cupcakes, and went to the State Fair 3 times (and got the deep-fried Twinkie!). In all the previous fittings we kept taking it in and taking it in and I thought, “Oh lordy, maybe we should not have been so gung-ho last round.”

But the little thing zipped right up! And then we pinned on a sash to give it a little understated pizzazz (and to say, “Eee! There’s a tiny waist in there!). Now it feels like my dress.


Due mid-month and people have been pretty good about getting them back. I totally look forward to getting them in the mail every day and I will probably have a bit of sadness when we stop getting them. The drawings and sweet notes are actually incredibly precious to me and remind me- through the crafting and the stress and the this’n’that- what this day is about– sharing our love with our community of friends and family. We can’t promise that every requested song will get played, but I can promise I have read every single RSVP at least once, and I just completely cherish them.

I think that’s sort of it for now. Can you believe it? 31 more days. Only 4 more Wedding Wednesdays to go! Unreal. Exciting.


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