Wedding Wednesday: Just Around the Riverbend

Today we take a break from the Alice in Wonderland-related posts to bring you the song of the week, from Pocahontas– America’s first extreme canoer (watch the video). Because if there is anything you want to declare, Disney has probably once already declared such a thing in a dramatical and musical fashion, including critter friends and perfect hair. So why say, “Our wedding is right around the corner!” when we can say this:

Granted, this is not totally applicable as Miss Pocahontas is trying to decide between 2 men who totally adore her and her perfect hair (rough life, lady). My advice to her: The minute you think you are making a ‘safe’ choice in life partners, they will plop you atop a mountain bike and say, “Will you bike 2700 miles with me?” and you will say yes because you simply cannot help yourself.

The Eye Twitch. I have long-suffered a unique and annoying physical symptom to stress– an eye-twitch. Which many a health-minded friend have said, “Oh no! Just have a banana! You have low potassium.” To which I will say this: Sliced bananas on banana bread with a banana smoothie topped with a potassium supplement will not cure the eye-twitch. Trust me, I overdosed on bananas numerous times in college and grad school. And you know what eating a lot of bananas is good for? NOT your gastrointestinal health. Keep your ‘nanners to yo’self.

The eye-twitch has returned. Left eye, upper lid. Expected departure date: October 6. So if, from a distance, you think I am winking at you, I am not. Sorry ’bout that…

Emotional Instability: The Update. If you talk to me in the next 17 days, you should expect me to cry. This should not be a surprise, really. Commercials make me cry. The national anthem makes me cry. Particularly moving music at church (I am looking at you, choir performance on Sunday) makes me cry. Baby birds make me cry. Letters in the mail make me cry. And this is just all the time, not even in wedding crunch time.

If you say something mean, I will definitely cry. But if you say something too nice, I will also be moved to tears and blubber about how lucky I am to have such great and wonderful friends. Let’s all just talk to each other in some very neutral generalities.

The Ceremony. Done.

The Programs. Done. Except the part where we had them printed (like, hundreds of them) with the names of 2 readers that we hadn’t asked to read yet. Can we all get a hallelujah for good friends?! Hallelujah, for sure.

Also, if you are attending our wedding and happen to find yourself in possession of said program, please note that the graphic that is one one side (you’ll know what I mean when you get it) was hand colored by yours truly in Photoshop, a process that will make your eyes go crossed (“Magnify by 1000%?! MAGNIFY!”). But when your love says, “Could we put a picture there?” you gripe about it and throw a big fit about how unhelpful that person is and then do it anyway. Because love just makes you do the most ridiculous things sometimes most of the time pretty much all the time.

The Dress. Miss Paula, who is magically taking that oversized tablecloth I was given at the bridal shop and turning it into a wedding dress said this: “… next week’s post can include how beautiful you fit into your wedding dress! Amazing! Can’t wait to see it all together. Beautiful comes to mind!” So there’s that. The next time I see it, I will be bringing it to the church on Nyquist Wedding Eve.

The Beauty. Hair appointment on Tuesday was fab-fab-fabulous. I was a little worried that she would take the hair over the top, like this:


But she didn’t. It was lovely. And being pampered for 2 hours on a Tuesday never hurts. Tonight is the make-up appointment. A trial run for my face, if you will. I feel good knowing that the lady who will be doing my makeup was the one who did several of the women that work at the salon for their own weddings. If you are the professionals’ choice, I think we can make this work.

The Rehearsal Dinner. In perhaps one of the crazier decisions Aaron and I have ever made, we decided to (and then stayed committed to!) hosting the rehearsal dinner in our home. Trust me, when I tell people this, I see the look of total terror on their faces. Especially when I say that I think like 40 people are going to be there. Four. Zero. And yet, the logistical headache of all those plates and all those chairs has never really sunk in. Even as I write this now and think, “Where will 40 people fit into my small South Minneapolis home and yard?” The answer is, I have no idea. And I have no intention of coming up with an answer. I have enough plates. I think I have enough sets of silverware. I may or may not have enough drinking glasses. I have someone who is going to bring the food who I trust and adore and who I know to be a very calm person and quick problem-solver.

I also know that, to me, this is what sharing your love and your life with your Most Important People is supposed to be like. I have always felt like there was something very intimately special about breaking bread with people in their home. It is the essence of closeness and relationships and love. And as much as I have second-guessed many of the details about our wedding, even ones that were much less challenging than 40 people and a greyhound in a tiny house, I have never second-guessed this.

So, it might be crowded. We might run out of dishes. The dog will probably eat something off someone’s plate and drink an unattended beer or two. People will notice that while we have been busy having The Best Summer Ever, half the plants in the yard have died. And some of the grass, too.  Inevitably, it will rain and we won’t be able to count on the outdoor space, in which case people are going to have to eat dinner in our bedroom as some sort of absurd space-saving technique. But, it will come from a place of the most sincere love and to me will perhaps be the most intimate part of the weekend. I am looking forward to it immensely.

The RSVPs. Mostly in. Kudos, wedding guests. Luckily, we have another week before our final count is due. Also, since we aren’t doing assigned seating or plated dinner (hip-hip-hooray for a laid back day!), it actually doesn’t totally matter if we have an exact count. So, in a few days, I am going to take a look at who hasn’t RSVPed, judge them silently or out loud to the cat, and then pick a number. I did not realize how easy the decision to do no plated dinner/no seating assignments was going to make my life, but I would like to go back and give the Kate of Wedding Planning Past a big huge hug and buy her a beer for her smarts and forward thinking. She was a genius and I love her.

Well, friendlies. There are only 2 Wedding Wednesdays to go (typing that just gave me butterflies!). It’s coming to the end shortly. Which really means it’s all just beginning, and that is pretty darn cool. I am excited to be Aaron’s wife, co-pilot in adventures, backseat driver, and friend. In truth, it will be nice to not be wedding planning anymore and just be. Be present, be together, be in love, be planning and dreaming and doing. Cannot wait.


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