Giving Thanks

These people:

Aaron, in Des Moines. Though I am thankful for him even when he isn’t in Iowan modern art.
The Kim.
happy gnome_people
My bridesmaids. Seriously, these ladies are amazing.
god squad_people
The God Squad.

These places:

kalalau sign_places
An adventure I probably would have never taken on my own. What an amazing place.
Our home.
And, specifically, the deck with a beer, book, and snoozin’ dog.

These pets:

The best cat of all the cats.
The sleepiest dog of all the dogs.

These events:

wedding kiss_events
That one time we got married.
Rock the Garden. This year, including an impromptu Rock the Ramp and the annual BUCKET OF FRIES.
ragnar medal_events
Ragnar Relay.
love is the law_events
When love became the law in Minnesota.
llama contest_events
Llama costume contest at the State Fair.
gay race_events
The Big Gay Race.
Fargo Half-Marathon.
brew review_events
Autumn Brew Review.
bike camping_events
Bike camping.

These little things that make the world go ’round:

rubio bobblehead_things
Ricky Rubio bobble head. I use him at work as my editor. I ask, “Ricky, does this website look good.” He always agrees with me.
maple bacon_things
Maple bacon donuts. Well, all donuts, really. But especially this one.
Coffee. From the source of The Coffee.
cat mug_things
And a kitty much to put all your coffee in!
bike coffee_things
And a bike to carry your coffee around!

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